Foldex bleaching cream review + demo

by - Friday, January 02, 2015

♥ Hey lovelies 
I'm back with another review for you today it's on "Foldex bleaching cream" which my mom got for free at work and I already talked about how she gets free beauty stuff in my previous post here
♥ Basically, it's a whitening cream for skin folds and sensitive areas and if you know me in person you know that I don't ever buy whitening creams and all that jazz, I only exfoliate my skin and moisturize and that's it.
♥ But when I got this cream I found it really promising and thought I'd give it a try on my knees and elbows (since those are my most neglected areas *not cute I know*) just for those of you who actually like whitening products and buy them.
♥ First off, I thought I would try it for two weeks and report the results. I stretched my arm so that you can see my elbow in it's worst state (Yus Yus, disgusting) with all the folds and take a picture of it in the same position with the same exact lighting twice, before I even use it and after two weeks using it.
                                                 ♥ an extreme close up shot of my elbow ♥ 
♥ To be 100% honest, I don't see much difference. You really can't trust pictures but I admit that it moisturizes my elbows and knees and it didn't do much concerning the whitening part. In real life, my elbows are soft but when I stretch my arms so much they fold over and look much darker and I don't think the product did anything to solve it.
♥ Anyways, I have a full post talking about whitening products and why I steer away from them, read the post here. Now that the review has been written, I'm never gonna use this cream again. I'll continue scrubbing my elbows and knees in the shower and moisturize them with rescue oil regularly and that's it.
Too sad I wanted to make this work but I don't think it's worth it
 (especially if you are going to pay money for it

Have you guys heard about this product before? what do you think of whitening creams in general? did you have a good experience with any of them? let me know in the comments below. Have a nice day/night,
thanks for reading Xox

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