Lux Oil Control Cream with rose water review

by - Sunday, January 25, 2015

  Lux is a great brand  
Whenever I want to pamper myself and smell really good, I pick out any of their bars that fill my cupboard (no joke, I have so many) However I don't think they are so good in terms of soothing the skin because of the harsh chemicals in the soap bar and fragrance.

Surprisingly, my sister purchased this cream a while ago (me and my sister have combination skin that tends to be oiler in hot weather) I was so excited to try it as it says that it instantly reduces shine and controls oil.

When I first used it on my just washed face, I was surprised by how my skin looks and feels. It instantly changed my skin texture and made it looks slightly lighter. It also made it feel soooo smooth and no shine in sight. It wasn't as drying as I expected it to be. You can definitely wear it alone but I personally like to use it as a primer as it acts as a great base for makeup or even if I'm not wearing makeup, I use it first then I mix my moisturizer with SPF and spread the mixture all over my face.
It smells amazing, it smells like fresh soap with a rosey feel to it.
Overall, I think this product is amazing and I'd repurchase it if I had the chance.

What do you think about this product?
Have you ever experimented with something similar to this?
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