Blogging tips: HOW TO: Blog Makeover

by - Friday, February 27, 2015

 If you've been following my blog for a very long time, then you might already  know that I've gone through A LOT in order to make-up my mind about how I want my blog to look like and what exactly I will be writing about in this blog. In this post, I'll be telling you how to give your blog a major makeover and be super satisfied with it..

Signature Favicon

In case you don't know what a favicon is, it's the little icon that appears next to your blog name in the left side of the tab..

You need to pick a favicon that has the same colour scheme as your blog.. Keep it simple and most importantly, keep the picture's (Favicon to be) dimensions equal (square) or it  will be rejected. Go to, go to the layout then click on "edit"  button to choose the desired favicon..
 New header

A header says a lot about a blog, I personally can start following a blog because of it's header. Just keep it simple..

Add a picture of yourself

Well, I don't have a big picture of myself  on the sidebar of the blog unlike most bloggers but I have other pictures on the blog and everywhere else and the purpose of this is to make your blog readers know the person who is writing and engage with your blog more.

Add Social media icons

Yeah! and make a bloglovin' account like, seriously, a blog without social media icons and a bloglovin' button is really hard to keep up with. Click on my "Blogging Tips" button in the menu in order to know how to make social media icons and display them.
Create a signature
At the end of each post, you should add a unique signature. It adds a little something to the post and I feel like it's a way of personalising one's blog.

Are you happy with the overall look?

That's a very important question that you shouldn't neglect. Yesterday, I changed lots of things in my blog and I'm not sure if you noticed.. I changed it from pink to lavender and changed the header and a few other things. I spent so much hours creating them but after I displayed them, I didn't like the overall look of my blog and I decided to change it again even though I spent so much time on it.
Bottom line is, just because you worked so hard on something doesn't mean that you should keep it even if you don't like it ;)

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