Dolce & Gabbana's Milan Fashion Week “Viva la mamma” - MY THOUGHTS

by - Monday, March 02, 2015

My first encounter with this AMAZING and breath-taking collection was through instagram. Where all models and fashion icons posted live photos of the show and even videos and I'm here just gasping and scrolling (isn't that sad? like, devastating?) 
First Impression

My very first comment was "IS THAT A BABY??" "A MODEL HOLDING A BABY?" that was quite surprising to me to be honest. The show is quite touchy, especially when I saw Chriselle lim's post on instagram expressing how much she was happy to see how D&G celebrated mothers everywhere (As many of you know that Chriselle gave birth not too long ago to a beautiful baby girl) .

The first one who came to my mind was Coco Rocha, you might already know that she's expecting a baby girl soon.. She must have been super excited about this collection.

Even though Bianca looked GREAT as always, a huge part of me wished Coco Rocha were the pregnant model for the show. I mean, c'moooon..

Thing I like the most about the collection

Hair and makeup (especially the eye makeup)

- Full flowers detailing is back

- Literally Everything about the picture above.

The fact that Gigi Hadid was in the show.

- The inspiration itself.

- Not being able to spot a single flaw.
The little angels who joined the show.
The bags, the hair accessories and EVERYTHING

Overall thoughts

I really like everything about the show. The collection and the models are flawless. Their hair and makeup were on point. The bags are so classic and lady-like.
What do you think about it?

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