My first (Not really) Fashion Illustration, Blog Birthday & more..

by - Monday, March 16, 2015

I started sketching and illustrating fashion when I was a little kid in primary stage. I've been obsessed with celebrities' looks in magazines ever since I was so little. I used to draw little faces and tried to make them look as ugly as possible then pretend to be giving those ladies (faces) a makeover using coloured pens and markers. I used to watch female music videos and copy their moves and (if possible) copy their hairstyle as well. My passion for beauty and fashion (and celebrities' style) has been with me for tooooo long. 

Now that I have my own blog and being able to share all my thoughts and passion with other passionate bloggers I'm so glad to say that my blog has been such a bless for me. Makeup For Lunch became one year old on the 7th of March. I'm so glad to have you all with me celebrating and continuing to share our passion with each other.

I've always been interested in fashion like no other but in the past two years I got derived more towards the beauty/makeup world. But lately, I got back to following fashion blogs, reading magazines and keeping up with all the latest shows. I even started reporting loads of inspiring fashion pics on my tumblr.

Now, I want to get back to sketching and illustrating fashion (and even beauty/makeup) I want to get back to my creative and artistic side. Today, I got really inspired by Hayden Williams' illustrations and I created my own sketch (above). The sketch is coloured with watercolours and the bodysuit is real fabric cutout.

I also once illustrated (but this one is a digital illustration) a Christian Siriano outfit from one of his collections (ps: Christian Siriano is a REAL artist, you should check his work out if you haven't already) here's my illustration ...

I have loads of fashion sketches that I sketched YEARSS back. Wish I could find them one day.  I still need to practice a LOT and I need to get back to sewing and all that jazz. Wish me luck everyone. Thanks for reading Xox

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