BRAND REVIEW! Eva : Egyptian Beauty Brand | Reem Noobo

by - Saturday, April 18, 2015

 I'm starting a new series. I'm giving you guys a brief about the Egyptian beauty brand "Eva" and telling you my opinion over some of it's products. Please leave your feedback below :))

So, I *cough* Said *cough* *cough* in the video that I'll list the ingredients of the moisturiser on my blog but I actually lost the booklet. So sorry guys but it's too tiny..
What do you think about the brand review I did? let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for watching xox

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  1. I think I've come across some of the products from this brand before..I just couldn't remember at where! Hehe. Thank you so much Reem!~ More Egyptian beauty brands pleaseee hehehehe. My friend is coming back to Malaysia soon after uni's graduation, hopefully she are able to get me some of the Egyptian makeup brands. ;D

    1. I'm sooo happy that these kind of posts actually might help somebody! I always thought that nobody cared about Egyptian brands TBH XDDD Everone is writing about either UK or US brands but I do have faith in Egyptian brands though :D