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by - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

everyone! welcome back to another "lifestyle" post. It's been a very long time since I last written one. Today, I'll be starting a new series of posts where I report to you guys my journey to my new vegan lifestyle.
♥ My very first vegan meal 

Yes, I actually transitioned into a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle last wednesday 8th of  April and today I finally completed an entire week as a vegan, isn't that awesome??

Why did you transition into a vegan?

I actually transitioned for both health and ethical reasons. I chose the vegan lifestyle for the planet and the animals, not to mention my health
I'll write a full post about why and how I got into this lifestyle soon. So, let me know if you're interested.

Was it hard to give up on meat, dairy, eggs and all animal products?
It wasn't hard at all it actually was very easy as I wasn't a huge meat lover in the first place and I actually stopped eating red meat and chicken for almost a year now but I was still eating fish occasionally and some dairy in cakes and all that jazz so I wasn't neither vegetarian nor vegan I just hated meat.
                                           ♥ YUM 
Was your family supportive?
  hmm.. Not really. My two sisters were cool about it. I didn't announce that I'm fully vegan now but I told my family that I didn't enjoy meals with animal products in them and I'd much rather stop eating those meals. My brother is a HUGE meat-centred person and my mum always uses animal products when she cooks. They thought that I was crazy cutting all the "essential" food from my diet and kept mocking my healthy meals because they thought that they "lacked" nutrients but I didn't care much because I educated myself so well regarding veganism and I know what I'm doing.

Do you feel isolated?

Sometimes I do. Well, most of the time actually because EVERYONE I know is a meat-eater and all my household is. It's very hard because no one supports me maybe my big sister does but nobody else.

What was the worst situation where you felt so isolated?

The worst thing was when I travelled with my family for a day (if you follow me on instagram then you already know about this) and my brother really wanted to try that awesome 'Cheese' based restaurant that serves all it's meals with cheese and I was soooo depressed and was like "HELLOOOO I'm here and I DON'T eat F****** Cheese" I was so upset and was super nauseous when I entered the restaurant from all the dairy products that were in there. I had to order plain tuna with veggies because it was the only thing on the menu without cheese. This was when I used to eat tuna occasionally but now I'm FULLY vegan. I was so pissed and wished that there were any vegan restaurant nearby.

What do you eat on daily basis?
I ate so many fruits the past week. I ate dates, cantaloupes, peaches, apples and oranges. I also ate potatoes, pasta, rice, brown toast and lots of veggies. Still waiting for mangoes and water melons though. I post so many pictures on my IG and facebook accounts. Today I had a huge cup of banana and dates smoothie it was soo good

How do you feel?
I feel a LOT better even though it isn't a very big change as I cut meat before even getting into that vegan lifestyle but I really feel amazing. Fruits do make me feel super energetic that I find myself spontaneously dancing or doing yoga or squatting with my dumbells. I became much more active and energetic. Even the pimples on my cheeks are healing.

  So, that's not everything I have to say about my new lifestyle but there will be other parts of this series following up and you also can leave me your comments below and I'll definitely answer them in my next post :)) 
Thanks for reading Xox


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