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by - Monday, April 20, 2015

Today I thought I'd share my humble makeup brushes collection with you guys. Don't expect a huge collection >.> I actually have a handful (more like a mugful) of brushes that I think are essential to have.

This, everyone, is my foundation brush that I got recently. It is slightly slanted and it's SUPER soft. I really like it. I sometimes use it to blend my undereye concealer. I usually blend my concealer with my fingers.

I tend to use this brush to apply either blush or powder on the T-Zone. What I like the most about this brush is that it doesn't pick too much product.

I use this fluffy brush for bronzer most of the time and I like how big it is because it applies bronzer perfectly.

This is my beloved eye brush. It's a double ended brush. One end has a flat eyeshadow brush and the other has a little eyeliner brush.

This lovely baby is a flat soft brush which I use to set my concealer and I sometimes even use it to powder the T-Zone.

I got these three lovelies in an eyeshadow palette. The two big brushes came with two small eyeshadow palettes by Max Factor that my mum owned before.
The small one, I don't recall exactly where I got it but I'm sure that it came with an eyeshadow palette as well.

I use this one to blend cream contour. 

I use this flat top brush to clean the edges of my lipstick if I'm using a dramatic rather melting lipstick for a clean, crisp edge.

This is the first brush I've ever got
! It's a soft fluffy brush that I always use to blend my eyeshadow into the crease. So handy!

Little spoolies because, you never know what your eyebrows bring you

This double ended sponge tip came with an eyeshadow palette. I have tons of sponge tips which I honestly rarely use...

Do you remember these babies from my latest haul video? they came with the brush that I use to set my concealer along with a sponge tip which I don't use. I only use the flat brush in the middle for a crisp edge or some smudging on the lower or upper lashline. 

This flat brush is super amazing. I use it to pack on eyeshadow or glitter and sometimes I use it for smudging or applying eyeshadow to the lower lashline.

Sooo, these are my little brushes. I definitely don't own too many but I find that I'm so happy with them. I'm planning on buying better quality brushes soon. I'll make sure to share everything with you guys ;) 

Please leave a comment  below I really like going through your comments and let me know what to you want to see next on my blog. Maybe a nail polish collection?
Thanks for reading Xox

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  1. Definitely would love to see a nail polish collection post!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. I really want to try the new real techniques brushes!

  3. I honestly really like double ended sponge tip while I know a lot of people don't. ;P It's so handy when it comes to aegyo-sal makeup, and reaching for the inner corner of the eyes! :D

    1. I also use sponge tips for that inner corner thing but I don't know why I don't get excited over them at all >m<