"Girl" Chapter Five "Nerve-wracking Interview" | Reem Noobo

by - Friday, May 29, 2015

"Coffee and paper on my desk NOW!". "Yes sir". "Oh wait! You're fired by the way. But after you've brought the paper and coffee." Said Jim arrogantly while not looking at his secretary who got shocked. "But..". "Coffee NOW". "Yes, sir". Said the poor secretary. A few moments later she put down Jim's coffee and paper. "I just got hired this month! What have I possibly done to be fired?!" She exclaimed. Jim pulls his phone violently "Give Jenna her salary" looking at Jenna "You may be dismissed now." Giving her a fake smile she leaves angrily. "Mister Jim, Emilia? I guess. Is here.". "Let her in" Jim says as he hangs up. Emilia enters with her above the knees red tight dress which shows how lovely her curves are. Her jewellery shines as she walks in and her heels grabbed Jim's attention even more. He clearly is shocked. "Good afternoon, mister Jim.". "Have a seat.". Says Jim as he recovered from his shock and pointed to a chair before his desk. "Do you have experience in sales and/or retail?" Said Jim coldly looking from his study's window. " Um. No, sir." Says Emilia who's clearly so nervous. "Hmm.. Do you have a degree in .. Whatever?". Jim already knows everything about her from her grandma but he's teasing her a bit. "No, sir." Says Emilia who now feels so ashamed and embarrassed. Turning his head to her "Do you know how to count to ten?". He smirked in a silly way. Emilia who couldn't take her eyes off him now quickly turned her head to the floor and started staring at it. "You may be my assistant." Emilia looks at him. "Your job is to do what I tell you. Lauren will teach you some secretary work. You need to learn the rest yourself." He said mysteriously. Emilia who felt a little confused tried to say something "But what.." "That's everything..Come back tomorrow at six in the morning to start working." Says Jim as he picks his phone up "Lauren. Take care of Emilia.". Turning his head to Emilia " you may leave now.". Emilia who couldn't take her eyes off his beautiful eyes, groomed hair and athletic physique said "Thank you for having me.". Then she left unable to get back to the real world. "Hello miss, I'm Lauren. I'll keep you company as you fill this application.". "Oh Hi! Nice to meet you." Says Emilia as she shakes Lauren's hand. A few moments later, Emilia leaves the building and Lauren orders a taxi for her "Thank you so much. See you tomorrow.". "Nice to meet you, bye.". Emilia can't get Jim out of her mind. His great appearance clearly made up for his slightly rude attitude. She stopped the taxi for sometime and bought a box of cupcakes then asked the taxi driver to carry on. As the taxi moves, Emilia gets lost in her thoughts. What is waiting for her?


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The cover is by : Mayar El-Shahat
Writer :

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