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by - Friday, May 29, 2015

My grandma wakes up and answers her ringing phone.."Hello mister Jim.". "Hello ma'am. How are you?". "I am fine now that I feel that you're holding good news.". "Well, you're right. Can I talk to Emilia for a moment?". "Sure, hold on." Says my grandma as she takes off her blanket and runs to Emilia. "Emilia,dear. Mister Jim wants to talk to you.". "Oh my goodness! You're not kidding, are you?". Said Emilia quietly trying to hide both  her excitement and nervousness "Hello?". "Oh! Emilia. I hope you're doing well."He said coldly, trying to sound bossy. "Yeah, sure. How about you?". "I arranged a meeting for you in my office this afternoon. Four is good, right?". Emilia's face changed and her excitement turned into a fright and she got even nervous "Yeah, yeah! Sure, it's good." She said quickly. "Don't be late..and try to be presentable." He hangs up while she's in a shock holding the phone and staring at the wall. "What does he want?" Interrupted my grandma. "Sorry? Oh..oh! He said that I should be at his office at four sharp! I better go get ready!" "He told me to try to look presentable. What does that even mean?". "I can ask my mum to lend you a dress and maybe some jewellery for the meeting. How about that?." Offered Poppy. "That would be great. Call her now. I better NOT be late." Said Emilia nervously as she hands Poppy the phone. "Calm down, sweetie." Said my grandma. "Hello, mum! May Emilia go to your house and pick a dress and maybe some jewellery because her meeting is in two hours." "Sure!". Poppy hangs up and takes Emilia by the hand to order a taxi and go to Mia's house. Her house is so big with a very lovely, spacious garden, nicely trimmed bushes and beautiful flowers. She even has a pool! "What do you think about this one? I think red will suit you well." Said  Poppy as she puts the dress on Emilia's defined, sexy body. "Your not kidding, are you? I can't wear this dress!". "But why not?". "For a couple of reasons. First, it's so revealing. Second, it's red!!". "I know that already. That's what makes the dress so special". Says Poppy while giving Emilia a wink. "Please try it. Just try it for me...". "Okay. Hand it to me." Says Emilia as she snatches the dress from Poppy's hands. A few moments later.. "See? It's too tight and so short, plus, it's so red!". "Perfect!" Says Poppy excitedly. "Try this necklace..oh and that ring! Maybe just this lipstick. That'll definitely go with those heels.". "That's just too much. I bet he'll be shocked! I'm supposed to go to an interview not a wedding party!". "The hairstyle will make up for the dress. I'm going to give you a very sophisticated yet super chic hairstyle." Said Poppy while browsing a magazine. "Oh please". "Wait, I found this one. Look! That'll look great on you!".

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The cover is by : Mayar El-Shahat
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