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by - Friday, May 29, 2015

I wake up every morning to a pleasant noise of the birds singing and my family chatting or ,as usual, gossiping. Sun is up. My mum, grandma, Aunt, sister and niece are either in the kitchen or already eating breakfast by the balcony or in the garden. I'm always the last one up. I don't like having breakfast but I do like to sit with my family and have a little morning chat under the sunlight so I'm usually sipping on a cup of tea or ,if my grandma insists, having some scones and jam. My sister is already made up and dressed in a very lovely and presentable way. My niece is a cheerful little goof ball who loves to crack the latest jokes. My Aunt is a well-groomed sophisticated lady just like my grandma. My mum, however, is just like me, so humble and slightly careless regarding her appearance. After we have breakfast my niece usually sets off for school as she's a senior in high school now. I fetch aunt Mia her bag and she leaves to drive Poppy to school. "But you haven't finished your plate, Mia! That is not allowed" says Fiona, my granny. "I know this so well mum. That's why Raina is going to wrap it for me to snack on while while waiting for Poppy to finish her exam". "Alright then" then turning her head to Poppy "Good luck with your finals, sweetie. Come give me a kiss". Poppy leans to kiss her granny and runs outside as she's already late for her exam. "Mum, what's taking you so long! I'm late already.". Aunt Mia grabs her coat quickly and throws a warm "Goodbye" and then leaves in no time. I returned back to the garden where my mum, grandma and sister are. "I'm so surprised that aunt Mia is late! That doesn't happen a lot" and gave a little giggle. "That's because she couldn't stop speaking about her latest promotion and her newest purchase." Said Emilia, my sister while rolling her eyes. "What's wrong with that? She's just sharing. Oh my goodness!" Said my mum. "Yeah right, not that she's bragging as always." Added my sister with a little side eye. "Why are you sitting here complaining about your aunt's accomplishments when you don't even have a job!" Said my mum. "Stop it Fleur! I already talked to Jim and he promised me that he's preparing for Emilia to be his secretary. He made a promise and he'll give me a call this week." Said my grandma. "But mum! She can't be his secretary. We both know what happened to his previous secretary. This can't happen!". "It's not YOU who decides! The girl is!" turning to Emilia "What do you think, sweetie? Would you like to be Mister Jim's secretary?". "Well, I can't say no to such an amazing offer. I'm all for it!". "See? That's all what it takes.". "Do whatever you want. You two never listen". My mum says this and quickly leaves the garden with as much tea cups as she could stack. "Was it necessary to be mean to her grandma? I mean, what she said about Jim's ex secretary was correct." I said. "I wasn't trying to bum her out, she did. The girl wants a job and all I did was trying to help her...". "Why are you explaining, grandma?! Isn't it clear that Raina is just jealous?" "She finished college and now has a degree in fine arts, what has this degree done to her? Absolutely nothing! She's now working at a tiny toyshop. However, I, who didn't go to college because mum spent her last penny helping Raina reach her so called dreams and ambition got a job of a very respectful position." She gave a silly smirk. "What is wrong with you today?! Where did you come up with the whole "jealous" thing? Were you carrying this much envy for me all this time? I really can't believe it!" I left angrily. "You were so rude to your sister, Emilia. Go appologise to her now!". "I didn't say anything wrong. That's the truth. She's always been the loved child in this family. No one is allowed to say anything to her majesty. Her orders must be done. Mum serves her at a drop of a hat. Even dad used to do the same thing and now you? That's just unbearable!". "Wait sweetheart, don't leave. I didn't mean to cause that much anger I just don't like watching you two fighting. That's all. Now please go talk to your sister. She might be crying now. You didn't notice the shock in her eyes, did you? I did. You don't have to appologise to her but at least try to comfort her. Maybe just take her out for lunch and then for a nice film. I don't know, do whatever is "in" nowadays.". "If you say so.." Said Emilia sighing. "Now take these dishes to the kitchen. Oh! And don't forget to change the table cloth as well.". "FINE" said Emilia angrily "Why do I have to do all the work around the house?". "Easy on the cups, they're going to break!". "You need to work on your attitude." My grandma continued as she struggles to get out of the chair. "Come on, let me help you out of this chair.". "Help those dishes out of this garden first." said my grandma as she was leaving the garden. "How snobby. She's decayed already. Why isn't she dead?" Hummed Emilia while quickly tidying the table.


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