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by - Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Grandma? I'm home..". Says Emilia who closes the door with her foot. She puts down the box of cupcakes on the kitchen counter and hangs her coat. "Oh! Emilia. Come here darling. I'm in the garden." Cried my grandma. "I'm comiiiing". "WOW! You look so lovely!" Says my grandma, she's clearly astonished. "Not for too long. I have to take all this off and return it to queen Mia." Said Emilia mockingly. "Would you ever be grateful?". "Whatever, I need to go change." Said Emilia who rolled her eyes. "Wait! How did the interview go?". "If you call that an interview." Emilia said in a low voice and continued "It was good. Mia will be back from work soon and I don't want her to see me wearing her clothes.". Emilia leaves the garden and goes to her room which is full of posters and random fashion magazines. She picks one up "Why can't I look like this?" Turning to her big mirror "Why can't I keep all this on?" She sighed. The day is definitely long. I am exhausted already. There was not even a single customer today. The bell at the toyshop's door rings and catches my attention. "Am I dreaming? Or, is this an actual customer?!" I said to myself. " Go pick what you want." Says a tall, groomed man with a dark long coat as he let-go his son. "Hello sir." I said. "Hi." He said while keeping his eyes on his child. "May I help you?". "No, thank you. He'll pick something soon. Not before dawn." He smiled and I smiled back. "Dad look!" Says the little child as he holds a torn doll up his father's face. "Are you sure? This actually scared me!" Says his father. "I like it a lot. I'll name her Lilith." Suddenly the man's smile changes to a frown. I'm surprised. What did the child say that made his father frown? "How much is this?" Said the father angrily. "Um.." I said as I was walking to the doll to see the price tag. "NO! Nobody's allowed to touch my doll!" Screamed the little child. "What's wrong? I'm just checking the price tag!" "That'll be twenty pounds." I continued. The man hands me the money and left. "Phew! I can finally go home." I said as I was closing the shop. I entered the house to see a lovely box of cupcakes. I ate one and made my way to the bathroom for a relaxing hot shower. "Is anybody here? I'm home." Says aunt Mia as she walks into the house. "I brought some berries. Let's make a pie!" Says Mia excitedly as she hands Emilia the bag of berries and some other groceries. "A pie??" Said Emilia then proceeded "You make pies in your spare time while my mum's job is to serve them to snobby customers, clean the tables and wash the dishes all daylong." Her words left Mia in a shock. She tried to break the silence "How did your interview go?". "About the dress. It's clean and all your jewellery are in my room. I can bring them to you now if you want." Says Emilia who walks into the kitchen to start preparing dinner. "No no no! I wasn't talking about the dress. I even forgot about it.". "Well, I'm sure you did forget about it. If I had that huge amount of fancy dresses I wouldn't have thought about such "simple" dress." Says Emilia as she washes the berries. "You don't have to wash them. They're already clean." Says Poppy who suddenly got out of my mum's room where she was sleeping. "Were you asleep all this time? Did you study anything?" Says Mia. "She doesn't need to. The type of school she goes to doesn't require that much work." Says Emilia rudely. "I'm going to see mum." Says Mia as she sighs.


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