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by - Friday, May 29, 2015

"Good morning Lisa. How's it all going?"Said my mum in a very cheerful way as she was tying  her apron. "As you can see, It doesn't seem like a very good morning. However, I'm so glad you're here, there's so much to do and I can't keep up!". "I got this." Said my mum as she snatched a dish from Lisa. Then she continued ..  " Leave the dishes I'm going to do them. Now go chop the onions. Ms. Olivia handed me the wedding menu and it was jaw-dropping. We better get on our toes." Said my mum as she gave Lisa a soft smirk. "You look good today by the way." Said Lisa as she was taking her gloves off. "Not as good as you". Lisa smiled. Now I think it's time I talked you through my workplace. The place I never dreamt to be in. A wooden, ready to fall apart, one room building with a very tiny toilet hiding behind a curtain and so many creepy toys and dolls on the shelves and hanging around everywhere. Wouldn't it be so awesome if I turned it into my secret painting spot? Where I paint great paintings and hang them on the walls of this ugly place. While people queue to buy my latest paintings and admire my art. "Excuse me miss, when is your birthday?!" Said my boss, Sam, as he woke me up from my dreams who seem to never come true. I shook strangely then replied "um..I think it's October 3rd. But why?". " Because I'm thinking of buying you a watch as a birthday present." He said sarcastically then continued "Do you know what time is it??!". He shouted violently. "I'm so sorry I didn't realise that it's past two already." I said while staring  at the floor. He gave me a look of disgust and then left. "Are you even serious?" I hummed "look around you. You should be sending me a "thank you card" everyday for working in this horrible place. "Mum, are you home?" Said aunt Mia while entering the house and hanging her coat behind the door. "Don't shout, mum. She might be asleep.". "Okay then, I must go to work. Stay here and study till  I come back by the night.". "Oh! Aunt Mia, you're here!" Said Emilia. "Apparently.." Said Poppy while rolling her eyes sarcastically trying to tease Emilia. "Okayy. How was your exam? I bet you failed." Said Emilia as she gave a mean giggle. "Well, I must flee,girls. Have fun." Said aunt Mia and left.


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