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by - Monday, June 22, 2015

"Emilia! You're here!" I said as I was getting out of the bathroom. "Clearly.." said Emilia as she rolled her eyes and then she preceded "Dinner is ready." "It looks so good. Let's eat." "I think I should go to bed now.". "But you haven't eaten yet!" said my grandmother. "You do realise that I should be at mister Jim's office first thing in the morning, don't you?". "Good night then." I said.  

"Phew! I can't believe we're finally done. Oh my goodness! That was a long day!". "But we totally handled it, Lisa, didn't we?". "Yeah! Totally! Now, how about some wine at my place? I think you need a break after all that hard work today.". "Maybe some other time. I should be home by now ; you know mum..". "Fine, fine. But at least let me walk you home, Fleur. I wish I had a fancy car but I don't think that there is a car that can handle my awesomeness." Said Lisa as she flipped her hair. "Oh I see.." Said mum as she laughed. 
It's five o'clock in the morning. Emilia is quick to get up, take a shower and eat some leftover bread from last night's dinner. She looks overly made-up, as always "Good morning Emilia. Why are you up now? Isn't it too early?" I said as I was rubbing my eyes. "Clearly it IS to people like you who work at a haunted, nearly wrecked toyshop that hardly gets any customers.." she replied  "Probably because kids are too scared to enter the same place they visited in their own nightmare the night before.". "ugh.. You'll never be nice. Anyways, good luck with your first day of work." I said as I was leaving the kitchen. "Whatever. Keep acting as a victim..". She grabbed her handbag and slammed the door as she left.

"Hello, Lauren. I am Emilia, the new secretary. Remember me?" "Mister Jim told me that you're going to teach me what to do." Says Emilia in a shaking voice. She's clearly so nervous. "Oh! Emilia! I'm so sorry, my job is to meet hundreds and hundreds of people all the time. Please accept my apology." Says Lauren who's quick to shake Emilia's hand. "It's okay. I don't think you should forget Jim's assistant's name, but I can let it slide." Emilia's starting to build a snobby personality already. "Oh, yes. I guess you're right.". "About the job?". "Nothing too exciting. You'll be sitting on that desk over there right next to Mister Jim's office all day long to answer the phone and hold meetings or maybe cancel them. Oh! And don't forget to bring beverages to the ladies and gentlemen he meets at his office. That's all." Says Lauren 
who's clearly irritated by Emilia's attitude. She turns her back and leaves. "How rude." Says Emilia in a humming voice.


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