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by - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've been vegan exactly for three months and twenty days which when I think about it I freak out. I never expected to be that committed to anything to be honest. So, today I'm so proud to be sharing with you the stages you go through when you transition into a vegan (from my personal experience)

The Fear Of commitment & Missing out

And from watching other vegans online I can tell you that the fear of commitment to healthier choices and knowing that you have to keep going and never go back is scary. I suffered from this fear for the first month and it kept coming and going. Especially when I see my siblings eating carelessly and eating junk food and burgers while I'm sitting there with my rice and potatoes dish (Which is super delicious) but I still feel like I'm missing out on junk food (Crazy but that's how I felt back then). 

Doubting yourself

At this stage, you feel lost. You get slightly influenced by what your mum says and other meat eaters who claim that you'll be weak and look anorexic if you continue being on this "diet" which is SO not true. But this is what I found out after some struggling and gathering information from everywhere.  

Your search engine is all like "Vegan Body Builders"

When everyone (who's not educated on veganism) starts bashing you and keeps telling you that you can never be strong when you're vegan and suddenly turn into dieticians and be like "You need protein" (As if plants don't have protein). At this stage you can doubt yourself (It's possible, I've been there) and you go to google (which is now your best friend) and type "vegan body builders" which gives you hope and relief.

You search for recipes (pretty much all the time)
Because you crave burgers sometimes (that's right. People crave what they ate before which is completely normal) so you go to google again and type "Vegan burgers recipe" or "Vegan Ice cream". 

Turning down any opportunity to eat out
You freak out whenever your friends ask you to go have dinner with them or worse, when your siblings hang out and invite you to eat with them. You always say no but you feel so left out and sad afterwards.

You start getting the hang of it

After all the struggling and googling you now consider yourself queen of veganism when you know when exactly to eat bananas (When they're ripe enough, obcv) and when "Vegan burgers" & "Vegan ice cream" become "Vegan veggie burgers" & "Nice cream". When you finally ditch google and get your recipes from that one vegan blog you love (like Oh She Glows for me). When you start getting the hang of  "Vegan Junk food" (which is ten times healthier therefore more satisfying). Also, when your birthday is no longer a nightmare. You have your vegan birthday cake and mini vegan cupcakes without having any animals suffering. 

Also, when YOU ask your friends out for dinner because you know what you'll be ordering. You no longer say no to pizza (which is my faaaave) you just get a veggie pizza and ask them not to add cheese (simple as that) or maybe ask if they have vegan cheese (but if they don't, no biggie).

You learn a lot about food & nutrition
The best part about being vegan is that you learn so many things as you go and you basically NEVER stop learning. 

The "Fear" Goes away & "Peace of mind" comes

Your fear is no longer there and now you feel like you're "one with nature" because you hurt no animal and now you're just so proud of yourself. At this stage, there's no going back.

That's everything for this post. I  just wanted to let you know that no matter what stage you're in right now please know that you're on the right path and please keep going. 
I love you Xox

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