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by - Sunday, August 16, 2015

I miss you so much. I miss those days when I sat down and wrote about my day to you. This is what I love about blogging. Well, those days are back!

Today, Saturday, was a busy day for me. It was both, the first day of my last year of school and my big sister's birthday
! I woke up at ten in the morning, washed my face, moisturised and started getting ready for my Arabic class. The last year of high school where I live is a bit different. You book classes at education centres and schedule them yourself. You also pay for each class and you either join the scientific, mathematics or literature branch. You guessed it right, I joined the scientific branch. My classes are: - Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Geology Along with French, Arabic and English which every branch also must take. Anyways, I had enough time in the morning to do some winged liner and take some shots for you ..

All I did was that I applied a neutral mauve eyeshadow across the lid and darkened the crease a bit using a warm dark eyeshadow. I also lined my eyes with a kohl liner and used a small brush and black eyeshadow to smudge it and keep it in place. I then applied some mascara, brushed my brows, applied lip gloss and a wash of highlight in the inner corners.

For the outfit, I went for something on the go. Loose trousers, combat boots and chambray shirt decorated with a breezy scarf that I got from India (Ikr? How dreamy)

 I already packed the day before so I grabbed my bag and off I went ;)

After class, I rushed back home and I was happy. The class went, surprisingly, well and everything went smoothly (except for the HOT weather).
I had a good meal and by seven or eight O'clock we all went out to get Mayar (my big sister) her birthday gift which was a new tripod and a new zoom lens. For the rest of the day, we got some drinks and chilled for a while.

It was a good day apart from my powder compact that broke in my handbag and made me look like I fell into a bowl of flour.

I now have to go upload a video (exclusive news over here :D) and go study what I have taken before I forget it. All the picture for the day can be found on my instagram account as well as my Snapchat. Just type ReemNoobo and I'll be there. See you soon Xox

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  1. We at here still need to wear specific school uniform throughout high school haha. I was in science stream too, and I took 11 subjects for my o-level examination. :D
    ieyra h. | blog

    1. I wore uniform to school too. But since I'm not going to the actual school building for the last year in high school, I now can wear whatever I want ;)