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by - Saturday, September 05, 2015

I come across so many complaints from younger girls while watching youtube videos along the lines of "Back to school outfits ideas" or "School Makeup Tutorial" and I can tell how jelly girls with a school uniform are from the comments they leave under those videos. I'm a fellow "uniform girl" just like most of the girls reading this but unlike most of you, I don't feel jealous of having to wear a uniform and not being able to wear makeup at school and this is for many reasons which I'm sharing with you all in today's post...


What's better than going to bed without worrying about what you're going to wear the next day? Not thinking about matching this top with that skirt or what shoes to wear with them every single night (I know some smarter people who plan a week ahead but there still is some type of worrying.)


Whether you pick your outfit the night before or in the morning it's still time consuming. I know that glamming up can lift your mood and make you feel special but some people (like myself) are a bit grumpy in the morning and don't really care about spending time on anything other than filling the belly for the day and running out of the door. (Don't get me wrong, I'm all about my winged liner, but not at 7am in the morning, #sorryNOTsorry.)


I noticed from watching videos of people that can wear makeup to school and don't have to wear a uniform that it gets a bit like a competition between high school girls specifically. I feel like some girls that decide not to wear makeup get judged as nerdy or lazy or basic b*tches who don't have time to wear at least some mascara and that's mainly because every other girl in school wears makeup so she feels the pressure to do the same when in a perfect world, everyone is free to do whatever they want. 


Girls who wear a uniform everyday to school, have less chances of having to deal with annoying closet malfunction. Some girls, for example, can sometimes get annoyed by their skirt flying in the wind or their legs touching hot furniture when wearing shorts and this can get a bit frustrating. Sometimes your mascara or eyeliner smudges and it's the most annoying thing on earth. Unless you have a trusted friend pointing that out to you you'll probably freak out when you look in the mirror at the end of the day.


I have to say that I mastered it! The art of sneaking makeup and literally enhancing your features with one light coat of mascara + very subtle lip balm and clear brow gel was priceless back then. I remember going to the bathroom with my bestie touching up our "your lips but better" lipsticks and asking each other "Is it noticeable?" ahh.. How rebellious we were..

  As I'm now in the last year of high school, I can wear any outfit I want and the makeup I want as well (this is how it works where I live for some people) so I know how both sides work and I know the struggle of trying to do your winged liner in a limited time Vs. not wearing makeup at all. I assure you that both sides have their own pros and cons and the key is to enjoy whichever side you're in right now and to remember that you have your entire life ahead of you to do WHATEVER you want xo

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  1. Great post Reem, here in my country, public and boarding schools are both uniform oriented while there are few private schools allowed the student to wear what they want. Having a school uniforms definitely help in diminishing bullying cases within the school, but it can also cause bullying by students from other schools! Haha, it happens! It's so cool you guys can wear makeup to school omg!

    1. The same goes here too (regarding the uniforms) and yes I think less bullying and less pressure are some of the pros of wearing a uniform to school :D about makeup, we can get away with it sometimes especially if we're in highschool so, it's not official but we make our own rules heheh :D