Let's Chat : University & Life Update

by - Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hi! I really miss chatting with you about random stuff going on in my life, but here I am again with my green tea and my trusty (worn-out) laptop updating you all about what's going on.
I wrote a post the other day about how nervous I was about my final exams results and about my academic future in general. I also said that would be updating you about it whenever I got the chance.

Well, I don't know if you already knew from my other social media platforms but I'll tell you anyway, I got accepted to the Faculty of Pharmacy and I'm so happy right now because my very first day of uni is TOMORROW!! Can you believe it?? Time flew by like crazy!

 I'm supposed to be sleeping right now (because I'm expected to be there by 9 am) but instead I'm painting my nails watching videos and charging my sister's camera (because hopefully if I get up early I may be able to film a get ready with me video) I'm just SO excited but I'm also quite realistic as I know how hard it can be and how stressful it gets as the time passes but I'm so okay with it! I don't expect butterflies and rainbows, do I?

Being the last-minute shopper that my mum is, herself and I went shopping for clothes today  and I got some pretty cool stuff which I'm so excited to wear! Autumn clothing is the BEST ever isn't it? Seriously, the stores are loaded with Autumnal stuff I can't even handle it!

Also, did I mention to you that tomorrow is the orientation day and not an actual uni day? I'm pretty excited about that and I'm very pumped to see the laboratory we'll be working in for the next five years! Knowing me, I'm pretty sure I'll be awkward and lost :D but don't worry I'll try to be as professional as I can lol..

Anyway I should probably sleep now because I don't want to be tired tomorrow. Thanks for hanging xx Stop by whenever you can. (I think I'll go play some Sims 4 tho.. IDK maybe...) 

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