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by - Monday, September 05, 2016

I bet all of us have struggled with skin-related issues at least once before. Some of us are already blessed, genetically, with clear skin and we all envy them to be honest, don't we? I've dealt with acne before. It wasn't bad at all. But, obviously, it bothered me and I always hoped it'd disappear magically one day. But there's no such thing as magical healing, is there?

 Oh wait! There're beauty products! anti- acne beauty products, many options, tingly face masks, expensive facials and cleansers that, mostly, treat the outer layer of the skin and have little to no effect especially on the long run. I used to have that patch on my left cheek that was full of red pimples that seemed to never go away. I'm not going to lie, I actually lost hope and stopped searching for solutions for a very long time. I decided to ignore it and go on with my life. Until I'd cut dairy out of my diet. My pimples are now non-existent and my skin is clear. I only have some blemishes from past pimples and small little spots on my forehead from when I had chicken pox (they get better as the time passes).

 At first I didn't know that it was dairy that was causing all the acne until I watched a video on how dairy consumption can affect one's skin in a very bad way. In the simplest way possible, dairy messes up your hormones leading to bad acne and pimple to arise on your skin, it can also make your skin very oily (which was one of my problems too!). Ever since I cut dairy out of my diet I've noticed that my skin was only getting better and that I only got a spot, if any, around my period time and that was it! My skin used to be overly oily and now it's just the T-zone that can produce some oil throughout the day if I'm wearing makeup or a heavy sunscreen! 

I know it sounds like magic but I like to think that the skin is a soil and beauty products are fertilisers. If the soil is unhealthy, dry, chemically abused and is in a bad condition, no fertilisers can help it. That's why when someone wants to have healthy skin they ALWAYS want to start with their diet. Whether it's cutting out dairy, consuming more plants or drinking more water, that's all what matters when it comes to skin care because what you eat shows on your skin.

These tips also help my older sister A LOT. She struggles with acne and she's always wanted to get rid of it. At first she didn't really pay much attention to my advice until she experienced it herself. She finds that when she consumes less dairy her skin is in a much better state! After I had cleared my skin, I started using less products in my skincare routine. I actually only use cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen! Another tip is to pick your 
.skin care products wisely and to cut out the harsh chemicals out of your skincare routine

Sleep well, eat healthy, drink water, clean and exfoliate regularly, never go out without 
.sunscreen and ALWAYS moisturise

That's it for today's post, there're SO many things that I still want to talk about regarding this topic but I'll make sure I share my thoughts with you all. I hope you find anything helpful in  this post. Once I noticed positive results I immediately came here to report to you.
Have a nice day/night Xo
Till next time

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  1. Agree~ My dermatologist also recommended me to cut down some dairies when I was struggling with acnes before! This and also high glutamic index foods.. :)

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Natural skin care is quite important and it deals with Beauty tips for her
    the care of skin using natural ingredients as well as the natural herbs.

    1. Totally! Also, essential oils are great but that'll be discussed in another post :D