Where are my role models at tho? | Late night thoughts

by - Saturday, September 10, 2016


Okay,  so you already know that whenever I have thoughts on my mind I always make sure to type them down so that my head doesn't explode, right? So here're some of them...
I've always wondered who I looked up to. Whenever someone asks me "who's your role model?" I just say that I don't look up to anybody! 

Is it because there're SO little options? I mean,  during school and as a little girl,  I never really found a woman to look up to.
I remember watching TV, and everything that involved power,  dominance and success was portrayed by males whereas anything that involved dainty and submission was portrayed by women. 

I was SO confused because as a little girl, it's so easy to be brainwashed especially when everything and everyone around you tries to make you think like them.
The hardest part is that this is still happening to this day. I mean,  I wish I looked in magazines and found more news about women being in powerful positions and less news about Kim's clear thigh-high boots.

I admit that this affects me. It affects us all subconsciously and it makes us think that our purpose in life is to look beautiful and shiny and to please the opposite sex and maybe,  just maybe,  do something on the side like working or something. It's literally like they're telling us "listen, if you're gonna whine about wanting freedom and success and such things,  you can have some of  that but don't overdo it otherwise it will threaten the man who you're here to please so don't forget that.".

Sounds familiar, right? Yes! Because we always hear similar things that are sugar-coated to make us doubt ourselves and have a second thought about our dreams and think "maybe I should lower my expectations a bit..." or "maybe I'll tone my dreams down a little".

Don't you just notice that whenever a woman achieves so much, people start asking her about her personal life and if her partner is okay with her level of success. It's like saying "oh! I get that you've accomplished a lot but what's more important here is your personal life like,  that's all what matters,  right? I mean,  if you don't have a family this whole success thing doesn't really count. Just sayn'...".

I just think this whole "equality" thing is just a lie and that we're still thinking backwards instead of moving forward. It's just SO frigging rare that I see a woman and think "Damn! This woman is goaaaaals" and NO NO NO,  I'm not talking #Body_Goals or #Relationship_Goals I'm talking actual life goals,  career goals. A role model...

- Reem ♡ ♀  

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  1. i totally agree with you, Reem. there aren't many people for us muslim women (also of colour) to look up to and relate to. but don't worry, we have to keep investing in ourselves regardless; you are a role model yourself to be honest! love from the UK xx

  2. actually there are a many from the west like Mariah Idrissi and Noor Tagouri, both very successful and inspirational muslim women

  3. NEVER tone your dreams down, be the first to do whatever it is you want to do, you can with the ambition that you have!

    1. Thank you so much <3 Your comments made me smile and warmed my heart xx