To all women in the third world, hang in there...

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I honestly don't know where to start or what to say. All I know is that I have a heavy heart. I'm, somewhat, aware of the horrible things that happen to women especially those who live in third world countries, and you know what? it sucks! 

I'm a very sensitive person and I just can't brush things off and pretend that they never happened. I've been "woke" for enough time that I can say that being a woman is very hard but being a woman in the third world is indescribable!

Women are expected to do everything, to be a specific way, to submit to others' expectations and standards and never say a word. We're expected to do as we're told from the moment we're born till the day we die. Everything we do is taken for granted, we're almost  always discredited and mistreated. It's been done for so many years now that it manipulated most women's minds into thinking that this is what they're supposed to be and that it's normal to be treated as an inferior. 

Women are told that their ultimate goal in life must be pleasing others. We're always told not to care about anything other than marriage and having children and that's why we're only encouraged to learn how to cook,  clean, dress well (for others), wear make-up (but not too much), smile and never complain. Having an opinion is often frowned upon, wanting to have a life of our own, a business, a dream is not a choice. 

I hate this! We don't need this! We're human beings, we're capable of everything. We're not inferior and we have every right to try, fail,  succeed and live! We have the potential to be whatever and whoever we want to be! Losing hope is easy,  but working hard for what we want and fighting for our freedom is worth the struggle. 

On the bright side, there're incredible women out there that fight hard. That realised their true worth and started working on themselves. Those women inspire me all the time and help me move forward.

 I just wanted to say that If you're a woman who has lost hope and wants to give up,  please don't. I know it's  hard but you're not alone. We, women,  need each other. We need to have other women to look up to. When things get too much, always remember this and please never give up. 

-Reem ♡ ♀  

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