R.I.P Jonghyun

by - Friday, December 22, 2017

I spent the past few hours on YouTube watching everything related to the extremely unfortunate incident. I read Jonghyun's suicide letter, watched his music videos for the first time and maybe shed a tear or two while doing that.

Yes I hadn't heard about him before the incident but ever since I found out about his death, I have been having a hard time getting over it and carry on with my life. It's as if I was his biggest fan.

I was so curious as to why someone as successful, loved and talented as him would end up in such dark place. I feel heavy and I want to hug every person out there that's in a similar situation as Jonghyun's before he ended his life.

Please stay strong, don't give up. Talk to someone you trust. Maybe even talk to me. Keep trying. There's something out there waiting for you as much as you're waiting for it. You're doing your best. Keep trying. One day at a time.
 I love you <3<3

- reem

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