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I've recently gotten a brand new derma-roller, at around finals time and at that time I'd broken out pretty much everywhere around my face. It could've been due to stress or not eating well; because basically around finals time I become a big mess. 

The first thing I thought about, besides the potential pain, was how there couldn't possibly be a more perfect timing to get a derma-roller since my skin was really bad at that time. 

I then began to, superficially, research how to use a derma-roller and it's benefits. I wish I'd gotten a more profound idea about the precautions but I guess I was busy studying for finals. 

My oblivious self started using the derma-roller and concentrated mainly on the pimples and the areas where I'd broken out, which if I'd dug a little deeper on the internet I would've found that it's a big no no.

Needless to say, the FOUR pimples on my cheek spread into smaller pimples, not only that, but they even increased in number! I still didn't think much of it and kept using the derma-roller over and over. In fact, whenever I noticed that my skin was getting worse, I'd use the derma roller more. I know, Tragic...

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You should NEVER use a derma-roller on inflamed skin, which is basically what acne / pimples are, inflammation. Doing so would only make matters worse in that it would spread the inflammation even further resulting in more pimples.

Yes this actually happened to me and my skin only got worse. It wasn't until recently that I found out the root of the problem. I felt so dumb because it makes sense. I immediately thought about writing this to warn everyone because my skin is taking forever to heal and it's a bummer to say the least.

Derma-roller is an excellent tool that helps get rid of acne SCARS / wrinkles but NOT acne itself so I guess I'll have to wait for my skin to heal first before I go back to using it again.

So that was a quick warning to any of you testing out a derma roller because I honestly don't want anyone to go through what I went through lol. Now you should check out my IG / twitter / youtube while you're here, ya know? let me if you have any  funny beauty related story down in the comments.

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