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About The Blog

This is makeup for lunch. Where you can find everything from beauty products reviews to makeup tutorials, monthly favourites,  DIY projects and nail art either in pictures or in motion.  I also sometimes write about food and maybe share a recipe or two. This is a blog where I write about myself and my passion. I also write lifestyle and motivational posts.


All the opinions in this blog are my own honest opinions and I'll never be dishonest to my readers or say that I like something that I don't.
My skin is combination skin that gets a bit dry in winter.
I test products before reviewing them [Obviously].

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About Me

I'm Reem,  just recently became a student at the faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university.
 I started blogging at the age of 15 about many things but mainly beauty/makeup. I also enjoy writing and I'm a big Harry Potter fan. My birthday is on February 11th and I'm currently 17. 

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and find it a nice place to unwind and relax.