Blogging tips for beginners

by - Monday, September 08, 2014

 Hello babes , today I have a different type of a post .. I've been blogging for quite sometime and I have A LOT to share with you guys ... I've been blogging since the 7th day of March and I learnt a lot of things and thought that I need to help some starter blogger or someone like that ..
but PLEASEE read all the tips and not only the titles I have a lot of tips that might help you
♥ Pick a unique name 

Okay , so to start off you need to give your blog a name .. and it depends on whether you want to play the blogging game and grow your blog to get more readers or you are doing it just for fun if you choose the blogging game then you need to name your blog something unique and can be read easily , something that people can remember ..
♥ Categorize your blog 

You really don't have to but again .. If you want to grow your blog you need to categorize in beauty/fashion/travel/interior ..etc
If you don't want to limit your blog you can write about related things like makeup & fashion Lifestyle & traveling but just don't write about makeup,fashion,fitness and interior ... You will get views depending on your content of course but you might not have loyal long time readers because they might like your beauty posts but not your interior ones and so on .. But it's just my opinion
♥ Invest (or not) 

Invest in a good camera ,  a nice background , a template  and a good lighting setup (only professional bloggers do that) but I suppose you're still a beginner and you're just sitting with your laptop talking about products or sharing your style and you probably can't afford all that , instead  of a super expensive professional camera start with a little one that basically captures everyday memories just something super simple and if you can't afford it either, start taking pictures with your phone ... just don't forget to edit them well wait, you don't have photoshop or a good computer to bear all those editing programs ? well I have a treat for you :
Online Collage maker
Online Collage maker 2
Online photo editor
Online photo editor 
who needs an expensive vanity with products thrown all over for a background ... all you need is a colored paper and your awesome background is ready..
here's a picture I took with my hot pink fine cartoon paper see how professional it looks ?

I do have a professional camera (Canon 1000D) but you can take the picture with any camera you can afford.

As for the template you can get tons of free ones online and super easy just search google for free blogger templates and you should find what you need .. pick something super simple especially if your blog focuses on pictures to make them stand out.
♥ Conquer the social media sites 

Twitter, facebook , tumblr , facebook just go everywhere and spread your blog to get more viewers and most importantly friends  .. make sure you pick the same name as your blog.

That's everything I have for you guys (for now) I didn't want the post to be so long in order not to bore you (another blogging tip) but I'm definitely going to write more and more parts of this series currently I'll take a quick shower ;)
You can ask me anything down below in the comments and suggest the next posts
bye babes

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