Beauty/fashion news Vol.1

by - Saturday, July 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered what's happening out there ? I always have, and that's why I Started this series , where I write about 4 new things happening in the beauty/fashion world just to chat !

1- Benefit cosmetics is just awesome ! let's face it, but this new beauty products moving machine is just awesomeness overload ! "Glam Up & Away kiosks are popping up all over the country, giving pretty-on-the-go a whole new meaning" that's what Benefit cosmetics wrote on their facebook page, you can read more about it here 

2- Michelle Phan you guys !! She's writing a new book under the title "Makeup your life" containing beauty/style/business(online or offline) tips ! who wouldn't want that ? order it here 

3-   Estée Lauder released a new foundation called "Perfectionist youth-infusing makeup" with age-defying perfectionist serum technology, "In just 4 weeks, 80% of women saw a reduction 

in lines and felt their skin was more hydrated" "Instantly, 93% of women said skin
 looked transformed"
Can this be true ? hopefully it's,because it's pretty affordable
 it retails for $45 you can get it here 

4- Last but not least, Chanel is starting a fall/winter 2014 campaign
and as usual , the model Cara Delevingne collaborated with chanel .

can you spot the boxing ring in the background ? what is Chanel up to this time ?

we will have to wait and see ..

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