3 steps to baby soft hands and feet

by - Monday, September 22, 2014

With our crowded skin care routine we might neglect our feet and hands however it's super important to pamper them and make them look and feel amazing , so today I have some simple 3 steps for baby soft feet and hands to share with you guys ..

grab some honey and sugar or green tea and start exfoliating your hands and feet naturally or you can buy some ready scrub if you want , this will help get rid of dead skin cells leaving your feet and hands super soft ..
Oil bath
grab a bowl for your hands and another bigger one for your feet and fill them with warm water and a few drops of olive oil and start soaking your hands and feet for at least 15 minutes and then pat them dry 
it's time for a body butter or just any body lotion .. I recommend applying some Vaseline on your feet and then wearing some fuzzy socks to bed and you'll wake up with the softest feet ever..
On my hands I like to use dermavio rescue oil and it sinks in to my skin really quickly giving me soft silky hands .

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