Beauty news vol.3

by - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hey babes, Today I have another beauty news post for you so let's get started ,shall we??
♥♥ Dior released a new foundation called " Diorskin Star" , they wrote on their facebook page that it's the first Dior brightening foundation inspired by the professional illuminating techniques of its makeup artists

It comes in so many different shades (19) meaning that it's really easy to find your shade

They also created "DiorSkin Star Concealers" which come in five different shades ..
find out more here
♥♥ Next we have the new Elie Saab "La Collection des Essences" perfume line which is made out of raw materials and is available at all Elie Saab boutiques ..
♥♥ If you read the previous beauty news post then you might have known that Urban Decay was teasing us with the third vice palette for too long on Facebook .. Now I can gladly say that it's finally out and reach in hand for everyone

As you can already tell it comes with a dual brush .. one tip has a classic fluffy eyeshadow blending brush and the other tip has a smaller evened out version for a more precised application ..
Get it now 
♥♥ Last but not not least let's move on to Lush cosmetics which released a new "Charity pot body lotion" they claim that the money you pay for this product will be donated to worthy causes .. They also say that  2% of the amount they spend on raw materials and packaging is donated to the fund. This money is then used to start sustainable farming and community projects..

This product comes in two different sizes and it's self-preserving which means 
that it doesn't require any synthetic preservatives.
Another amazing product from Lush that contains
 oils like rosewood, ylang ylang and geranium, it has a fresh and delicately floral perfume ..
Shop the product

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  1. i admire lush for donating! their products are fab as for dior i love the shades

    1. I love Lush too not only for donating .. But also because their products are natural

  2. The UD shadows look so stunning! I'm quite excited for it!

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