Beauty news Vol.5 |10/5/2014|

by - Sunday, October 05, 2014

I love love love writing the beauty news , and today I'm back with another report which is short but super duper exciting , so let's get into it..
♥ Starting with Sigma's new masterpiece , It's their beautiful "Standout Eyes" Gel liner collection which is absolutely gorgeous ..
The collection simple contains six pretty gel liners and two angles brushes as well,
take a look
Picture is from

I absolutely love the colors , they are wearable but still colorful and different ... They also have the typical black and brown babies we all love ;)

♥ Next product is the super amazing micro beauty blender .. OMG I was wanting this so badly ever since I met the regular beauty blender, I know you're thinking this is a useless waste of money but I look at it from a different perspective , it's a smaller version for more precision .. For blending concealer for example and perfecting that creamy contour on the sides of the nose and more ..
I recommend watching Huda beauty's review on this baby for much more details :))
Shop the product  Here  $17.95

 Can we just have a moment (or two) of silence for these amazing Rouge Louboutin nail polishes ?? They look absolutely gorgeous .. I haven't tried these not only because they occupy a lot of space but also because they are super expensive as far as nail polishes go..
And for a girl who would never spend more than 5 bucks maximum on a nail polish , This is not ever going to be mine since it costs 
$50.00 YES Just one nail polish bottle that contains so little amount of product costs that much .. I mean they look chic and everything but I prefer Essie haha :'D

Shop the product  Here 

And that's it for today's beauty news , let me know down below which product you are excited to try the most .. I'll pick the gel liners , They are absolutely gorgeous ..
Good move Sigma ,
Thanks for reading Xox

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