Beauty news: Holiday nail polish sets + advent calendar (Limited edition)

by - Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hello everyone, today I have another holiday post for you (I can't get enough of them) I like reporting to you what's new in the beauty and makeup world especially on the holidays because it's the time when everyone is looking for the perfect products and sets to gift their family or friends so I hope you find these posts helpful ..

♥ Formula X released a new set of  22 mini nail polishes (SIZE 22 x 0.13 oz) with lots of different shades from bold classics to glitters to soft nudes and not to mention the new exclusive six shades ..

take a look ...

It's supposed to give you an invincible long-wear, highly saturated color and intense shine.
The product is a three-free formula and a study showed that it lasts for eight days of wear.

Shop the product here
$55.00 ($138 value)

♥ Formula X didn't stop there, they also released the one use "Press pods gift tags" so, they are basically press on nail polish strips that are recommended to use with formula X's "The System" priming base coat. Each pod can paint all the ten fingernails with two coats ! They have two sets and each set contains 7 shades of press pods..

 If you're thinking about getting this for a relative or a friend, I do recommend it, it's super affordable and fun to try.. Each press pod comes in a beautiful tag with a little tied ribbon which makes it look extra festive.

Shop the product here - $15.00

♥ Now to the fun part, Ciaté release a new super beautiful advent calendar called "Mini manor advent calendar" which is full of  24 different nail polish colors and what I like about advent calendars is the excitement you get each day. It's a perfect way to keep you busy till Christmas finally comes.

Isn't that mini manor the cutest thing ever ??

Shop the product here$60.00 ($199 value)

That's it about today's holiday post. Check back tomorrow for another one and let me know which set are you excited about the most ?
I like formula X's "Paint the town" as I heard a lot of good things about this brand.
Have a wonderful rest of the day,
thanks for reading Xox

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