Eye depuffing naturally at home + DIY depuffing pads

by - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Waking up in the morning and having little bags under your eyes is not cute, trust me I always deal with this. Pampering yourself with a quick natural depuffing treatment at home sometimes is all you need to freshen up your face in the morning. So, today I have three ways to depuff your beautiful eyes at home..

♥  That's right. Tea bags especially green tea bags are so good for your skin. Right after you drink your tea in the morning let the bag cool down and place it on your eye for 5-15 minutes and watch your eyes go back to normal bagless beautiful eyes.

♥  Now to the traditional way to depuff and keep dark circles at bay, cold cucumber slices are great for that. Same concept as the tea bags ...

♥  You can either buy ready ones or make your own ..
Simply put some wet towelettes in the freezer and use them in the morning on your eyes or you can grab a normal tissue and cover it in milk/eye cream then leave it in the fridge for the next day ...

These are the things I tried and found effective, have you guys tried any "At home" depuffing methods other than the ones mentioned above ? let  me know in the comments,
thanks for reading Xox

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