Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes - Beauty News Vol.9

by - Monday, February 02, 2015

  Hey everyone 
Isn't that SUPER exciting? Hourglass definitely scored with their ambient lighting collection. It's everywhere on Youtube and so many blogs as well.

They just released seven lovely looking eyeshadow palettes with so many shades from earthy tones to pinks, plums and olives (which I seriously CAN'T resist OMG)

Each palette offers 5 hues, some shimmery and other matte shades and it claims to be super blendable and buildable. Check out the chart I created below ..

I'm really excited about these palettes and I think they will be all over youtube and blogs in no time, but I think that it would've been so much better (Business wise) if they didn't create so many similar palettes with shades that are SOO alike because this might not help sell their product fast because they are all earthy neutral tones and not everyone likes that.

and if I picked up one of these palettes I wouldn't pick another one up from the same range because as I said previously they are quite identical to me (Not every single one of them but the majority of them) 

Shop the products here$58.00
So that's it for today's post, what do you think about Hourglass' new collection?
let me know down below ..
Thanks for reading Xox

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