Ciaté Blush Pop™ Crème Blush | Beauty News Vol.16

by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Colour overdose everyone !! Isn't this pic so urging?! First off, these are six columns of beautiful cream blushes by Ciaté. Each column represents six cream blushes of the same shade. I really love cream blushes and I think they look much much much better than powder ones. I think the world needs more cream makeup products! For real!
The blush looks so gorgeous in the container, it looks like a little cupcake I can't get over it. Here's a little Chart with the names of the shades on it..
I think it's best applied with the fingertips on the apples of the cheeks and then blended out with either a beauty blender or a stipple brush or even your fingers for a beautiful healthy glow and a nice dewy finish. Shop the product here - $19.00 Would I buy this? For sure. Only if it was available in Egypt *SOBS* What about you? would you buy this?

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