REVIEW / Fa Musk Fragrance Body Splash

by - Thursday, August 27, 2015

 I've never done a scent review before and this is kind of random but I've been thinking about writing a review on this product for a long time so here it is..

I have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with this product and it's getting a bit confusing. I hated it to the extent that I was about to mention it in my disappointing products video but I kind of forgot to, and after filming the video, I kind of wanted to give it another chance because it looks like a good product (I know this doesn't make any sense). I left it sitting in my bathroom for a while until yesterday, out of nowhere, I sprayed it on and I quite liked the smell..

My sister hates any type of smell and we share a room so it's quite difficult to spray any perfume in her presence really. But, today I woke up early (and she was still asleep as always) and thought that it was a good opportunity to spray this babe on. I have to admit that I'm liking it now. I hated it at first because I felt like it had that super strong alcoholic smell. But I tried to spritz it a bit further from my body than I used to and I tried to use a smaller amount at a time and I found that it wasn't as strong as it used to be..

It's quite refreshing and I really like anything with musk scent in it. I used a big tall lotion bottle that was musk scented in less than two weeks because I'm that addicted and that was the main reason why I gave this product another chance. Now all that bugs me about it is that it's not long lasting as it claims to be. AT ALL. I spray it on and a few minutes later it's gone. Would I repurchase it? I think you know the answer, it's most definitely a no. But I'll make it work because I don't like to waste products

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  1. hi there is this mens or momens fragance.?

    1. I don't know for sure but I think both can use it as it just gives a refreshing smell. Not necessarily a feminine one.