Blogging tips vol.2 : How to make your blog appear in the search results

by - Monday, September 08, 2014

Hello babes, since my last "Blogging tips for beginners" post was popular .. I thought that I managed to help some of you guys out there so I thought about extending this series of blogging tips to help you as much as I can..
So please read the entire post and not only the titles

Today I'm going to show you how to increase the chance of your blog appearing in the search results ; because once you write a post you want it to be read , right ?
Use pictures and rename them

First of all you need to use pictures in your blog posts and make sure you rename them not only to entertain people and make the post look more put together but also because renaming them is what's  going to make your pictures appear in images search results .. let's say you just wrote a post about pizza recipe .. post a picture of a delicious pizza and rename it "pizza-recipe-"name of your blog"-easy-quick-yummy.."
So, when someone searches for "easy and quick pizza recipe" they should find your picture in the images search results and click on "view page" to visit your blog and that's it ..
Share your posts

In the last "blogging tips" post I talked about how to conquer the social media sites .. Now I'm explaining why , simply because you want to share your posts on twitter/facebook/tumblr and get more viewers and readers , not to mention the hashtags like 
#bloggers and if you are a beauty blogger write it in a hashtag or use this #bbloggers or if you are a fashion blogger then use this hashtag #fbloggers
Also Don't forget to share your posts on your google plus account as well and try to write a very informative and detailed description on the link you share so that people can find your blog post when searching on google ...

That's what I have for you guys now I hope you find it helpful please don't forget to follow me on twitter/bloglovin/instagram/youtube

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