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by - Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm back with the most exciting post ever , It's the "Beauty News" YAY ! I have three super exciting products to talk about so let's get started .. ♥ Laura Mercier released a new baby , It's the "Portable colour palette for eyes, cheeks & lips" isn't it just everything in one ? The kit or the palette has a very unique and sleek packaging .. It has four pretty neutral shadows , two blushes and a pretty pretty pretty lip gloss ! Laura Mercier has a huge variety of different shades of this lip gloss which you can find here , but I guess this particular one can't be purchased individually ..
"This sheer, high-shine gloss can be worn alone or layered over lip color to add a touch of luster to lips."
Take a closer look at the shades ..

To me , I don't think I'd buy this palette .. I've had an unpleasant experience with a multi-functioning palette similar to this one , I have to say that it was the messiest thing in the world, I'd rather buy the quads alone and the blushes individually , what about you? 

(I'm talking about the Ruby Rose Palette I reviewed here)

Shop the product here - $55.00

♥ Buxom thinks that "Winner takes it all" and so do I ..
With  this new set with six of their amazing lip creams and lip polishes you are the true winner !
Well, I don't know about you but I love Buxom's lip products ..
Take a look at the applicator

I love short lip glosses' applicators I don't know why ..
This set contains: 

Mini Full-On Lip Creams in ..

 Creamsicle (peach sorbet), 

Berry Blast (vivid fuchsia), 

White Russian (nude pink)
 Mini Full-On™ Lip Polishes in ..
 Chloe (dollface pink), 
Sophia (sweetheart pink), 
Trixie (24-karat pink) 

It's sad I know , but seriously go get yourself one .. I think you get too much goodness for a pretty reasonable price
Shop the product here - $32.00

♥ OMG I'm so excited about the "Hourglass Ambient lighting" line ..
This new blush palette is so pretty .. I know that they sell two of the blushes in this palette individually and I also heard that those blushes are hand made !
So you'll feel like it's made just for you haha :D
Oh and it's also limited edition so keep that in mind , I've also read some reviews on this baby and found that it has a slightly sheeny finish so it's not completely matte ..
They also recommend using this brush for even application , you can get the brush for
$58.00 here  Well, the brush is super expensive it's basically the same price as the actual blush palette, so any soft fluffy brush will do the job just as good , right ? :'D

Shop the product here$58.00 

Congratulations, you've reached the end of my rambling session .. 
Now let's discuss in the comments below and let me know which product are you excited about the most ? if you ask me I'd say the Buxom lip creams ,
Thanks for reading Xox


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