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by - Sunday, January 25, 2015

  Hey everyone 

I'm really passionate about makeup. I'm always ready to learn more and experiment with different colors and textures. I also love learning about different cultures and I find that makeup can be a way of expressing cultures and beauty standards everywhere around the globe. I've always been interested in Korean makeup specifically. Ever since I started watching KDrama. I'm normally a very observant person especially when it comes to makeup and I'm here today to report my humble observations ..

       Face makeup
They're SUPER obsessed with flawless light skin tone that has a natural looking glow.
Cushion foundations became super popular in Korea to give that natural glow to the skin with weightless feel.  Like this "
Color Control Cushion Compact"


If you want me to sum up Korean makeup in one word, it would probably be "Dewy" (or simple >.>)  For them to achieve that amazing glowing baby face kinda look, they use tints instead of chalky powders. This product above is quite similar to the benetint by Benefit Cosmetics. It's a lip and cheek stain named "Perky Peach Lip Set" by Baby face cosmetics and it comes with a little lip balm..


There's no such thing as Korean eyebrows. Soft, thick and straight are three words that sum up Korean eyebrows. If you are a K-Drama junkie like myself, then you've already noticed the innocent looking filled in straight brows that all girls have (even guys..)
They don't go for waxy or sharp arched brows, they prefer powder or soft feathery strokes with a pencil for this part as it gives them the soft look they always go for.



In K-Drama, I haven't really seen dramatic winged liquid/gel liner like we usually do( I rarely see any). Koreans typically have baby lids and drawing a thick line will take up all the space. So, they tend to go for tightlining instead.


Black down there seems to be a no no for Koreans and I totally understand why. Their small beautiful eyes will look a lot smaller if they lined their waterline with black liner. Instead, they go for a rosegold neutral liner and a shimmery highlight that goes from their inner corner all the way to the lower lashline. They sometimes line the very outer corner with dark eyeshadow but they never go all the way to the inner corner (Unless it's a super dramatic look like the ones K-Pop girls go for)


They either go for a soft smoked dark shadow or a very soft orangish transitional shade alone on the crease (I've seen this one A LOT)


The gradient lips LADIESSS I love them. Korean girls don't do much when it comes to eyes so I think they compensate it with a nice bright lip color that looks really opaque in the center of the lips and then fades out ...They also tend to apply a little bit of gloss on the bottom lip.Really pretty. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on this.
What do you guys think?

So, here are three popular Korean makeup online websites that ship to the U.S for you as a bonus :'D


I have another post about Korean makeup which you can read here .. I'm also thinking of writing another post on Korean Skincare. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below..
Thanks for reading

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