New Beauty Blender bling RING?? Beauty News Vol.8

by - Friday, January 30, 2015

*Gasp* This Beauty blender thing actually looks quite fancy .. 
But what is it? and what does it exactly do? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Whenever I want to check out what's new in the beauty and makeup world I always check and while I was there scrolling I saw something that caught my eyes and it was a fancy beauty blender ring and I immediately thought that this thing is a regular ring that has a beauty blender attached to it and then you can wear it?
That made me cringe for a moment actually :'D

But when I read more about the product I cringed even more haha..
It's just a fancy holder for the beauty blender that beautifully displays the beauty blender and dries it at the same time..
I'm not exactly sure about the technology that actually dries the beauty blender but in my humble opinion I think it's just a holder that you put your blender on top of it and let it dry and that's it (Oh and pay extra cash for it as well)

The entire set (The beauty blender and the ring) retails for 

($39.00 value) which you can find here 

If you ask me... I'd say no thank you I prefer saving cash and letting my beauty blender

(That I don't own)  dry anywhere ..

PS. The beauty blender alone on Sephora's website retails for 

What do you think about this bling ring? Is it worth the extra cash?

Let me know down below ..

Thanks For reading

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