Top 5 beauty essentials to keep in your purse - Beauty on the go

by - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hey everyone.. How is it going?
Today, I'll be showing you my top 5 beauty essentials that are always in my purse,
So, let's get into it..


♥  Why carry it in your purse when you already applied it before going out? well, sunscreen doesn't last forever on your body/face .. It needs to be re-applied frequently.
Don't mess with the sun
! It's harmful rays can cause serious skin issues. And if you don't want to carry a big tube of sunscreen you can carry those mini ones like the ones sun sense has or the La Roche Posay mini ones.
♥  I always carry a moisturizer with me everywhere. It's so important to keep your hands/face nice and moisturized throughout the day. Currently, I've been loving this one from Derma-Clinic.. It smells amazing and it has mango and camellia seed extracts in it.
GENTLE WIPES ♥  You can't go wrong with a nice, gentle pack of wipes for emergencies. I recommend using the ones for sensitive skin and making sure they have no fragrance as it can really irritate your skin, leaving it red and itchy.
LIP BALM ♥  Carrying a moisturizing lip balm especially in a bullet form (you don't want to dip your finger in lip balm and getting all sticky, right?) is so important especially in cold weather (like now *brrr*) and for those who have dry and chapped lips .. A nice lip balm with a glossy finish can also help increase the longevity of your lipstick and hydrate your lips.
ROLL ON DEODORANT ♥  You NEED to carry it with you for that unexpected sweating and embarassing moments. I recommend the one with a roller ball, they are so easy to use even in public. So, these were my top 5 beauty essentials that are always in my purse. Do you have other on the go beauty essentials? let me know down below. Thanks for reading Xox

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