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by - Saturday, March 07, 2015

So, Makeup For Ever released a set of ten tubes of skin equalisers which are of different colours and are supposed to (obviously) equalise and prime the skin to even out the complexion.

What in the world are these things?
They're basically "
 makeup primers that assist with balancing the skin's texture and tone for smoother, more even, and longer-lasting makeup wear."

What do they help with?

The product claims to be..

-Mattifying Primer reduces shine. 

-Smoothing Primer evens the skin's texture. 
-Hydrating Primer restores skin's balance. 
-Nourishing Primer moisturises and comforts. 
-Redness Correcting and neutralises. 

Anything  else?
"MAKE UP FOR EVER’S  Equaliser Technology features Acti Tensor 3D, Hyaluronic Acid, and Regeactive, which help to hydrate, firm, and smooth the skin to create the perfect makeup canvas"

Here's a chart I made for you babes (Click to enlarge)..

What works best for your skin tone

-Radiant Primer Blue adds radiance to light skin. 

-Radiant Primer Pink adds radiance to light to medium skin. 
-Radiant Primer Yellow adds radiance to light to medium skin. 
-Radiant Primer Peach adds radiance to medium to tan skin. 
-Radiant Primer Caramel adds radiance to dark skin. 

How to use
-Before applying makeup to skin, dab a quarter size amount with fingertips or sponge in a downward motion. 
-Customize your results by mixing texture and tone formulas. 
-Combine redness correcting or radiant primers before mattifying or smoothing, or you hydrating or smoothing primers can be combined before redness correcting or radiant primers. 
-Finish with your favorite foundation.

What I think about this collection

As an aspiring makeup artist, I love seeing things that can help perfect the skin and make it look as natural as possible without a single flaw in sight. Because my philosophy is spending most of the time and energy on perfecting the skin first, Colour correctors and skin evening products are my bestfriends. 

Would you like to read a post (Or watch a video) all about colour correctors and how they work? let me know in the comments below Xox

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