I Bought A Pack Of Those Standard Makeup Puffs!!

by - Sunday, August 23, 2015

 Ever felt like your foundation looks a bit cakey, patchy or streaky? Even after applying just one layer? Trust me, it's not a good look. I always like my foundation to be evenly distributed and seamlessly blended into my skin. I tend to prefer a more natural look when it comes to foundation. I like to make it look as undetectable as possible but most of the time brushes don't give me the look I want and they tend to leave my foundation looking a bit streaky and a bit cakey.

I find that when I go over my foundation with a sponge it looks a lot better and a lot more natural. I've seen some youtubers use their beauty blender after applying their foundation with a brush but I don't have a beauty blender (I'm that lame ..) so I was watching 
TheBeautyVaultxo the other day when I saw her using one of those fluffy makeup puffs to smooth her foundation out and I was like "Why haven't I ever thought of that?".

So, I was in the mood for a new lipstick yesterday and I went out and had a look but I found that I didn't like any of the lipsticks on display so I switched to the makeup tools section and picked up a pack of two makeup puffs but these ones aren't the fluffy ones. These are the flat smooth ones and I thought that they're going to be great for ending my foundation suffering. I got them for less than three pounds (I also picked up a mini facial cloth to see the hype  around it and I may write a post about it soon). It's crazy how something so cheap and little can be the solution. I'll let you know how I get on with these and I might as well film a video showing you the results after vs. before using the puffs. 

This is everything I got to say about my latest purchase. Let me know what you do to smooth your foundation out, I'd like to know xo

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