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by - Sunday, August 30, 2015

  Eyeshadows! What's better than them? (probably lipsticks but they're still great..). Add them to any look and watch them take it to the next level. Seriously, I was a bit intimidated by wearing eyeshadows in public in the morning when I first started wearing makeup. I felt like everyone would stare at me like "What's up with this b****? Too much makeup!!". Even though nobody cares about what other thinks, I myself felt like I was doing too much for the morning so all I did was just winged eyeliner (a staple for me), sometimes I wear concealer, powder, mascara and a lip product (usually just a hydrating lip balm) and sometimes I only wear eyeliner and that's all! (Regarding my everyday morning makeup).
But one morning, I woke up a bit earlier than I usually did so I had so much time to get ready which means, time to glam this face up a bit! I picked up my neutral shadows and kind of defined the crease a bit using a matte brown shadow and I quite liked it! From there, I started including shimmer in my makeup (just on the lid) and I still had a natural look but much better! So, today I'm going to talk you through my staple neutral go-to shadows that are great for everyday and how you can have your own!

Something Matte Let's start with the matte part of the collection. If you want to build your own go-to neutrals collection then you need to start with neutral matte eyeshadow. It can literally be used for every single look for every occasion!

If you watch my channel or read my blog frequently then I'm sure that you're already getting sick of this palette. I mention it all the time but that's for a reason. It has different shades of matte browns + an orange shade + a white shade (I know it needs a black in there *sigh*) and this makes it perfect for deepening the crease and giving the eyes more definition..

You can also use an angled brush to softly line your eyes with a dark brown shadow or to even smudge a kohl liner ..

Something Subtle

and by subtle I mean something that has the tiniest amount of fine shimmer particles or that has a glowy finish to it. So you can get away by applying it all over your lid, as a highlight or even as a transition colour.

You also can apply it on it's own on the lid and drag it slightly to the crease as you blend and it won't look as boring as a matte shadow on it's own ..

These eyeshadows have very tiny shimmer particles that are not that noticeable so I use them in every single way possible. I get so much use out of them plus, they're seriously cheap, each pot is under three EGP.

Here's a swatch of  an eyeshadow that I love. The subtle shimmer doesn't translate on camera but it's beautiful ..

Something Shimmery
Yes! even in the morning, you still can rock shimmery eyeshadow and look great! as long as you apply it right on the lid (or in the inner corners) and it's neutral.

I got this palette long ago and never thought I would reach for it in the morning. But it happened and I'm liking it!

In the morning I usually reach for either the gold or rose gold shadows the most. I don't use the
aubergine-y shade that much because it's a bit intense..

Can you see the shimmer in it? I love it.

Here's a swatch of the gold shade that I always use (two layers of it) along with the other swatches of the eyeshadows we mentioned earlier to sum this post up.

What are your favourite neutral matte, subtle and shimmery eyeshadows that you reach for a lot? Let me know below xo

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  1. Hi Reem, which eyeshadows combination you would usually apply with 'Taupe' colour? The right side shade on your last palette does look like a bit of taupe-ish. My eyelids area is pretty dark and full with broken capillaries :<, I usually lighten it with concealer. Still, I'm not confident enough to wear Taupe bc it makes me look like I got punch in the eyes, haha

    1. I wear it with the shade on the left in the shimmery palette (the light one) I wear it on the lid and fluff it out with a brush that has the matte taupe colour on the crease and use a bit of the matte white shade on the brow-bone for a highlight. I also like to have a winged liner all the time so this is usually how I wear taupe. Try it and let me know ;)

    2. But if you want a warmer look, you can apply the taupe shade on the lid and fluff it out with a warm brown shade on the crease + eyeliner it's another great option as well xx