Dinoplats "Too Cool For School" JELLY Lip Balms?! Beauty News Vol.27 |23/8/2016|

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

 You might have already seen so many lip balms that come in a tin before but I don't think that you've ever seen a JELLY lip balm. Yes, jiggly jelly!!
A moisturizing lip balm with a tender, jelly-cushion texture that hydrates and minimizes the look of fine lines."
As I was looking around for something eye-catching for the beloved "Beauty News" I found this range of lip balms too attractive (just in the right timing with back to school season right around the corner). The packaging is SO cute and all doodley and artsy. I also think that it's very displayable in a non gimmicky way.

Speaking of packaging, the product comes in a very cute "chest of drawers" inspired type of cardboard box which makes me reminisce about the time when I made a whole vanity out of cardboard when I was little...
how it looks like from above

"This product is NOT tested on animals and is free of ammonia, urea, benzyl alcohol, benzophenone-3, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, triclosan, bha, and bht."

The product gives a sheeny effect and a healthy glow which I much prefer as I find it very youthful...

and How is this a "Beauty news" post without a detailed chart??

I personally think that some colours look very similar in this range. My favourite one out of this whole range (you probably already guessed it) is spilled wine; It's SO beautiful. I can only imagine the wash of colour on my lips that looks almost like you've just had some plums!

Shop the product here - $15.00

I personally like the concept of this product in theory but in everyday, practical life, I don't picture myself paying this much for a wash of colour and a sheeny effect when I can get the same effect for much cheaper. What do you think about this product? would purchase it?

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