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by - Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Hello everyone! Remember those good old days when I used to write about what's new in the beauty world? well, "Beauty News" is back everyone! I really enjoyed writing these posts and I found myself a LOT more informed on the new beauty products so I felt like beauty news might as well make you more aware of all the new interesting products out there.
is a brand that has been around for quite sometime and I haven't heard of it until recently when it went quite popular on youtube. I recognize their products for being too easy to use, most of their products come in a chubby stick form which I quite like.

They just recently came up with a highlighter in a stick form, it's a "Holographic" highlighter. Smart move over there, Milk Makeup. Just when this whole madness about "Holosexuals" AND highlighters took over the internet, Milk Makeup combined these two new obsessions in one product. So, marketing and business wise, it's a great move at the right time.

Makeup wise, the product comes in this chubby retractable stick which I find very user-friendly. It seems like it has a cool tone to it which I happen to steer away from, see the swatches..

First thought that came into my head when I saw the pictures above was "Um, yeah, another fad product to feed the ever growing internet obsession with highlighters and holographic things" but before I made any legitimate judgments I had to see the highlighter in action. No, not the website's embedded  video. Maybe a youtube video?

So, I watched the video above and was thinking "maybe it isn't so bad after all" the product looked SO good on her cheeks but I noticed that it creased on her eyes as it's a cream product. However, I really like how it turned out on her cheeks and inner eye corners.

I personally don't think that cool tones look good on me so I wouldn't give this product a go as I prefer warmer toned product especially for a highlighter.

It looks like a CHUNK of "WOAH"ness at first but if I found that if you apply it subtly and blend it out really well it will look really wearable.

I would love to say it can work as a wash of colour on the eyelids but it creases as I saw in the video mentioned above unless you set it with powder or another eyeshadow which totally defeats the purpose of this highlighter to be honest.


- Parabens 

- Sulfates 
- Phthalates

This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Shop the product at Sephora
Shop the product at Milk Makeup  Here 

The Product costs 

Overall, I think it isn't fair to make a judgment on a product that I haven't used but from what I've seen so far, I think it won't work for me and I think it works best for:
  •  People with cool undertones
  •  Holosexuals (lol)
  •  Highlighter collectors and fanatics may find this product very interesting too.
  • People who like to experiment with makeup in general.

May you all have a nice rest of the day and for myself, I'll go have some pizza. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
 Thanks for reading xo

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